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Did you Know?

April 3, 2018No Comments

By Signing the Declaration of Independence the Fifty-Six Americans pledged their lives, their fortunes and their scared Honor.     It was no idle Pledge.      Nine Signers died of wounds during the Revolutionary War. Five were captured or imprisoned. Wives and children were killed, jailed, mistreated or left penniless. …

Did You Know

March 8, 2018No Comments

Did you Know – Most of the immigrants that came to The American Colonies, before the revolution, did so because in Great Britain they could not – Own any weapon (even for hunting) – Own Land – Worship Freely.

Liberty or Death

March 2, 2018No Comments

In 1782  21 year old Deborah Sampson dressed as a man, called herself Robert Shurtlieff Sampson (after a deceased Brother), enlisted in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment of the Continental Army. She served for over a year, until a doctor discovered her secret while treating her for injury.